Social Justice Advocates

Our church is concerned about justice for Americans and people throughout the world, and we feel called by God to take action. Because of this, we seek to find ways to inform ourselves and others of situations involving justice. At times we feel the need to protest against injustice or to try in other ways to influence politicians to create laws which help make a more just government. We gather to support each other at Social Justice Advocates, which meets two Monday mornings a month. We also provide a Round Table Discussion monthly on Sunday mornings on a variety of relevant issues. All are welcome to join in the discussion with respect for others with different opinions. Specific dates can be found on the church calendar. 

Social Justice Advocates meets:

via Zoom, please contact the Church Office for specifics
We asked our congregation, “what are you doing to make a difference in the environment?”  We got a very long list of ways that our church family is making changes.  We included things we are doing to make a difference at our church building too.  To view the entire list, click on this link:
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