The leaves begin to turn. The kids and teachers are heading back to the classroom and Churches start their Christian Education Programs. We will use any one of those as an excuse for a party!

September 12th

Right after 10am worship

Fellowship Hall

Please sign-up today!

(please use the sign-up form here,
or call the Church Office 847-658-5308)
Puzzles | Brilliant Books

Would you like to borrow a puzzle?

The library is now loaded with 300 piece puzzles. “Take and Make “. Enjoy any of the puzzles, return them in the bag and box, and note if you’ve lost any pieces on the bottom of the box. If you really enjoy the puzzle and want to keep it feel free. Take a picture of yourself with the finished puzzle and send it into the Church Office to include in our newsletter or Sharing of Christian Love videos on Sundays. Call WynnAnn Roggeveen, if you have any questions.

CCA has always been a Community Building and we use this building to bring informational workshops and seminars to the Community.