Disaster Relief

Severe Storms 2021


Nearly one in three Americans lives in a county hit by a weather disaster in the past three months (June-August), the Washington Post reported.

More than 20 U.S. states from the South to the Northeast are reeling from the impact of just one of those disasters: Hurricane Ida and its sizeable remnants, which left catastrophic water and wind damage, including significant power outages. And hurricane season is far from over.

Recovery needs, both short- and long-term, will be massive, with damage estimates in the billions of dollars.

What’s the best way to help now? Send money. UCC Disaster Response and Recovery Minister Lesli Remaly said of Hurricane Ida, “For a storm this size, money makes good sense as we know long-term recovery and rebuilding will be necessary.”

Relief for Haiti

A UCC Haiti Appeal seeks to raise $100,000 for immediate relief and longer-term recovery for the thousands of people in Haiti who are reeling from sequential disasters. These include the deadly, destructive 7.2 earthquake August 14 in western Haiti, and Tropical Depression Grace, expected to make landfall in the same region August 16-17. The resulting flooding and mudslides are likely to add misery to the earthquake zone and to hinder the search and rescue of survivors.
Hundreds (nearly 1,400 as of August 16) are confirmed dead and additional thousands injured due to the eathquake.
The UCC is working with Global Ministries, Church World Service and the ACT Alliance among other partners, all of which are currently assessing the situation for damages and needs.
UCC Global H.O.P.E. team leader Joshua Baird was in touch with the partner networks on August 16 and said that the ACT Alliance reports that more than 60 percent of the people of Haiti have been impacted by the disaster. Both the ACT Alliance and Church World Service have spoken about “significant infrastructure challenges,” with road closures due to civil unrest compounded by earthquake damage.
Immediate needs include water, due to the corruption of water tanks, and first aid. They note that there are not enough hospital beds in existing, structurally safe facilities. “People are being treated in hospital yards – or dying there,” according to Global Ministries’ bilateral partners CONASPEH (The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches) and House of Hope, Baird said.
Other challenges facing Haitians include COVID-19. Vaccination of health care workers and people over 65 only got started in early August. There’s also the political and social disruption following the assassination of the country’s president in July.

How to Help

Pray for all of our brothers and sisters who have been impacted by the disasters.  You may also send in a financial contribution by usng the giving form below or puttting a donation in our offering.  Please mark where you want the gift to go.