On the 5th Sunday of a month, we take up special offerings. These missions are chosen by our Ministry of Mission. This page features upcoming and past recipients of the offering.

Here are the months with a 5th Sunday throughout the next two years: 
YEAR: 2022
1/30 5/29 7/31 10/30

TURNING POINT (Our 5TH Sunday Offering for August29th) 

Your contribution makes a differenceHere is how your donation could provide for our clients
$10 Bus passes for a family of five
$25 Fresh groceries for our shelter residents
$50 An individual counseling session
$100 12 hours of crisis helpline coverage
$250 Assistance completing an Order of Protection
$1000 One night of shelter for up to 21 victims

Thank you to the members of our church for supporting the May 5th Sunday Offering which was sent to the Chicago Regional Tree Initiative.  This organization’s purpose is to replenish the urban tree forests, which have lost many trees to disease, pollution and construction.  With your generous help we have donated, $500.00.  It costs $300.00 to purchase and plant one tree, so we were able to help add a tree to our area and get a good start on another.