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  Literacy Tutoring can help you change lives Literacy tutoring is a way to share your knowledge of English with one or two adult learners at a time.  Most of the people who sign up for tutoring need help learning English.  A smaller group needs help learning to read.  If you can read and speak English, you too can be a tutor! 


Our church offers a safe public place to tutor and a well stacked library of resources.  Additional support for tutors is provided several times a year when we meet to share ideas and offer encouragement. The commitment is to tutor once a week for an hour. The day and time you tutor are decided between you and your student.


To get started:

 Attend the Tutor Training Classes offered by 

The Literacy Connection of Elgin.    

Classes are taught at the

Gail Bordon Library

270 N Grove Ave., Elgin, IL


There is a $35 fee to cover materials and a background check.

After you are certified, The Literacy Connection will match you with a learner.


To Register:   Call The Literacy Connection at (847) 742-6565 


For more information call the church office at (847) 658-5308

and ask to speak with Pastor Cope or use the contact form below.



Frequently Asked Questions:


I travel several times a year.  How would that work if I tutor?

Many tutors and students work around special schedules.  Independent work through language apps can bridge the gap until your return.


I am a certified teacher.  Do I still need to go through the official training?

Yes.  It is a requirement for the grant money that funds the program that provides us with adult learners.


Do I need to speak Spanish or another language in order to tutor?

No, you only need to speak English.  A reliance on a student’s native language can hinder him or her from learning English.


Do I need to be able to use a computer or smart phone to tutor?

No; although it is helpful, it is not essential.  There is support material available in the church library.

 For more information call the church office at 847 658-5308 and ask for Pastor Cope or use the contact form below:

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