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We are back live in Fellowship Hall on the second Sundays of each month.  If you prefer to order by email, I am happy to bag your order and leave it in the kitchen.

Let’s talk tea for a minute. Did you know that tea is the second most popular drink in the world – second only to water? Here’s another question: do you know that, even today, it is likely that the tea products lining your grocery store’s shelves – even those sold as Fair Trade – were sourced from plantations established under colonialism? These 2 statements are the opening lines for a short article from Equal Exchange which will be on our table at the next Fair Trade sale. Find out how Equal Exchange is helping to change workers from being under the authority of large agro corps to working independently for the first time in history.  So stop by and order some tea, or take a sample bag from the rack on the counter to try at church or at home. It’s fun to mix different kinds of teas, too, and to pour it over ice with mint or lemon.

I recently got a call from Equal Exchange asking how we managed to continue to order nearly as much as we did before the Quarantine throughout the past year and a half. I thank all of you for keeping the orders coming, and keeping the farmers, warehouse workers, and others involved working and making a living during this difficult period. Our church is blessed to be filled with caring people willing to help others.

You may order by the order form below, or contact Nancy Kneip, directly.

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Fair Trade Products

On the second Sunday of each month, the public is welcome to come to Fellowship Hall in our church and shop at 11 A.M. If you can’t come then, we can arrange for a different time to get an order to you.

We carry a wide range of products from Equal Exchange, including coffees, teas, and chocolate. All the items we sell are fairly traded, so that small farmers and co-ops get consistent, good prices for their crops. Equal Exchange works with them to enhance production without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and most items are organic.  A small portion of all sales, 15 cents per pound, goes to an agricultural mission in the second poorest county in North Carolina. We love to talk about all of this. You can email for information on product availability, prices, and ordering, through the contact form below. To view the entire product line, click here:  Equal Exchange Website (Prices on the EE website do not reflect our discount.)