Faith in Action


Kids in Shepherd U celebrating their completed School Kits

The kids in Shepherd U celebrate completed school kits.

Faith in Action is a group that meets monthly to discuss social and environmental issues and to organize activities aimed towards making positive changes.  Issues can range from peace and justice concerns to global warming.  Recent activities have included making school kits for children in need, tree planting, jewelry parties for Women at Risk, and letters to legislators. The group also sponsors two children through Global Ministries Child Sponsorship.

Please check the Church Calendar for the next meeting time or call the church office for meeting time and location:  847-658-5308

 The whole crew Earth Day 2013

The crew getting ready to plant oak trees.


For Information on Teen Faith in Action, please see the Christian Education Page for Children and Youth

Current Faith in Action Projects  

Children supported – Faith in Action sponsors two children through Global Ministries Child Sponsorship at the Family Village Farm, Kasam, Vellore, India.  This center near Vellore, India, provides food, clothing and shelter in a home-like setting for poor, orphaned children. The children live in family groups of up to ten children with a surrogate mother and grandparents. Following their early education, the children also learn vocational skills. To learn more information about Child Sponsorship:  Click here for Global Ministries

Reducing Gun Violence – Deaths caused by guns are a huge problem in our country. The Faith in Action group will be exploring a balance between protecting rights of sports shooters and the rights of everyone to be safer from violent or careless owners.  See the Advocating for Justice page on this website for more information.



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