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Tutor Tips During a Pandemic-JoAnn Schindler-April 15, 2020

Every self-help tip you read starts with making a schedule and keeping to it. A daily schedule was easy, but how to get back to my weekly events such as church, tutoring and aerobics? Technology to the rescue! Online aides for exercise and worship abound, but tutoring may be a challenge. Here are some tips for the Wi-Fi connected student: use FaceTime or Skype or an app such as Zoom to try out e-learning. Practice before you try this with your student! No Wi-Fi, no problem if they have a smartphone and can use their data plan to connect to the internet. There they can use apps such as Duolingo or websites for English language learners to work independently. If your student just has a basic phone that accepts text, send a simple message in English. (A text is easier than the spoken word.) A simple reply in English will help them practice what they have already learned. Finally, if you happen to have an address you can send a card to, let them know you have not forgotten them. Include a simple worksheet and you have opened the door to learning. Don’t forget to keep track of your time. The Elgin Literacy Connection is still looking to document volunteer hours. This quarantine is temporary, but the gift of language lasts a lifetime.