If you are interested in a scholarship application here is the procedure and the documents that you need to apply,


Scholarship Procedure


  1. Applications can be picked up from the Church Office starting on March1st and must be returned in an envelope marked “Scholarship Application” to the office no later than April 1st.


  1. Reminder announcements regarding the availability of scholarships will be made in the Newsletter and during the Church services for the months of January and February.


  1. The Church Office will review the application(s) submitted by the due date, blank out the names of the applicant(s), and number the applications for identity purposes. A copy of the application and essay will be given to each scholarship member (hereafter referred to as the “Committee”) for them to review before they meet in May.


  1. Prior to the May meeting of the “Committee”, each member will complete an Evaluation Form for each applicant.


  1. The Ministry of Finance will review at their April meeting, the amount of funds available for scholarships and will provide this information to the “Committee” before their May meeting.


  1. The “Committee” will determine the recipient(s) of the scholarship funds and will notify the Church Office.


  1. The Pastor will call the applicant(s) to let them know if they are a recipient(s) of a scholarship. A letter will be sent to each recipient confirming their scholarship along with the date that the scholarship will be presented in front of the Congregation during one of the regularly scheduled Church Services in June.


  1. The “Committee” will prepare a brief bio of each recipient for use during the presentation service in June.


  1. The Church Office will prepare the certificates for presentation to the recipient(s) at the Church service.


  1. The “Committee” will submit the required POs’ to the Treasurer by the end of May so that checks can be processed in time for the June presentation.


Revised 2/2021 AB

This the criteria that the Scholarship Committee will adhere to:


Scholarship Criteria


Scholarships may be awarded annually to one or more college-bound students, which include high school graduating seniors and adults that wish to continue their college education provided funds are available from income earned by the Endowment Fund. $1,000 for graduating seniors and $500 for returning college students. (Depending upon the amount of students approved and funds available, the Scholarship Committee may approve a different amount to be paid out).

The recipient (s) must be members of the Congregational Church of Algonquin and will be determined by the Scholarship Committee based on the following criteria:

High School Seniors

  1. Applicant’s involvement in the life and ministry of the Congregational Church of Algonquin throughout four years of high school.
  2. Applicant’s involvement in school and community services.
  3. Academic achievement
  4. Essay evaluation

Continuing Education

  1. Applicant’s involvement in the life and ministry of the Congregational Church of Algonquin.
  2. Applicant’s involvement in community services.
  3. Academic achievement
  4. In person interview with members of the Scholarship Committee and Senior Pastor.

The scholarship check will be issued upon proof of acceptance at the college of their choice and the funds may be used for tuition fees and/or books. Presentation of the Scholarship funds to the recipient(s) will be held during a Church Service in June.

Scholarship Committee Members

The members of the Scholarship Committee will be comprised of the follow:

  1. A Member at Large from Church Council
  2. A Member from the Ministry of Christian Education
  3. A Member from the Ministry of Finance

Rev. 2/25/21 AB

The following are links to the forms needed to apply for the scolarship and the form that the committe will use to evaluate.  Please download and use for your benefit: