The word confirm means “to strengthen the value or validity of something.” Taking this definition, then, confirmation should not be a process offered to our youth but to everyone in the church.  And it shouldn’t be a once-in-a-lifetime event since our understanding of our relationship with God, the church and each other changes over time. 
I am going to try something out. Between the months of August and December, I am going to use my sermons to address issues that would normally come up in confirmation classes. Each sermon will be an opportunity for all of us to ‘strengthen the value or validity of these issues for each of us. For those who care in the Confirmation Process, each sermon will be accompanied by a questionnaire which will be required to be returned to me.  For anyone hearing the sermon, these sheets will be available (whether at church or through out website). I encourage everyone to use these sheets to open a dialogue to discuss these                                                                                 issues.   Pastor Cope
Sunday August 14, 2022 – God Part 1    Confirmation August 14, 2022
Sunday August 21, 2022 – God Part 2    Confirmation August 21, 2022 
Sunday August 28, 2022 – God – Our Relationship with Him   Confirmation August 28, 2022
Sunday September 4, 2022  Jesus – God Incarnate  Confirmation September 4, 2022
Sunday September 11, 2022 Christ – The Savior Confirmation September 11, 2022
Sunday September 18, 2022 The Holy Spirit  Confirmation September 18, 2022
Sunday September 25, 2022 The Holy Trinity  Confirmation September 25, 2022
Sunday October 2, 2022 What does Justice Mean to God  Confirmation October 2, 2022
Sunday October 9, 2022 No Confimation questions for today
Sunday October 15, 2022  Confirmation October 15, 2022
Sunday October 23, 2022  Confirmation October 23, 2022   
Sunday October 30, 2022  No Confirmation questions for today