do you want to make a difference

Tutor Training Classes

can help you change a life.


We have neighbors who cannot read.  Become a Tutor and help them open up a world of possibilities. 

To get started:


Attend the Tutor Training offered by the The Literacy Connection from Elgin.    
Classes are taught at the
Gail Bordon Library

270 N Grove Ave.

Elgin, IL

South Elgin Room 2nd floor


To Register:
Call   (847) 742-6565


If you cannot make all the classes, it is possible to take some of the training on-line, assisted by Pastor Cope.  You can also call Pastor with any questions.  


There is a $25 charge for a very valuable text book.  You will then be able to join our great support network of tutors. The Literacy Connection of Elgin will match you with a student and the life-changing will begin.