Small Groups

There are so many ways to get connected at CCA.  Here we have highlighted several small groups.  Small groups are ever changing and provide social, educational and spiritual connections.

 Small groups

Small groups consist of anywhere between 3 and 15 people. Small study groups usually choose a subject that will last for no longer than 7 sessions. Small groups meet as frequently as the group chooses – weekly, bi-monthly, monthly.


Small groups can meet in the church or in someone’s home. The church does not set the rules of the group – the members do. The church will advertise and help find resources if needed. Small groups are relaxed, and gather people together who share similar interests. We encourage the groups to always invite non-church members to join the group.
Reserving a room at the church is easy, just call the office or use the contact form below.
Here are some suggestions for small groups.  We also have a display in Fellowship Hall where you can put your ideas for new groups or let the office know of your interest.  Of course you can always call the office or use the contact form below.


Small Group Ideas:

Keeping up with the NYT Bestseller list

A discussion of books to keep you current with all the bestsellers.

Bible Study that will not intimidate you

You do not have to be a theological scholar to understand what you read in the Bible. This group will be a relaxing way to read the Bible as you get your questions answered.

Just Food

Everyone is concerned about the food we eat – is it healthy for us? Do our eating habits have a negative impact on the environment? In this group, we will discuss what and why we eat the food we do, share recipes, and cook and enjoy meals together.

Confirmation Class for Adults

Confirmation is wasted on the youth! The subjects that are studied in Confirmation are actually much more exciting for adults. Many adults, upon reading the syllabus of a confirmation class exclaim that they would like to take the course. So why not? This group is not for kids, but for adults who want answers to questions they are only now getting interested in.

Book Group by Topic

Like books on history or historical biographies? Excited by mysteries or science-fiction? Whatever the topic, there are others out there that share your excitement and want to get together and talk about such books.

The Adult Play Group

Like to play cards or board games? Then this group is for you. Enough said?

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